Tranquility Of Torc by Paul Byrne

The wheels of my bicycle turned faster now

As I edged  forward in anticipation to the serene spot at her base

Water falling gracefully now in harmony with her stunning surroundings

Not much more than a trickle after the recent heatwave



Her waving at me, beckoning me forward

To observe her intensity of beauty and sound

Mingling harmoniously and metaphorically with the lush green leaves

Freshened like flowers from a recent shower of rain



Glistening peacefully in the early morning sunshine

In the mind’s eye, in my eye, a vision of exceptional tranquillity

An in depth perspective revealing nature’s glory to all who stop to see

And observe deeply her radiance, yet the power within her is great



When absorbed with weeks of heavy rain she becomes a torrent of beauty too

Beauty of a different kind, with power within her, restless and raging

Showing off her resplendent colour, her deafening noise

That transcends the scene deepening the momentary intensity



But now, she flows steadily caressing those smooth rocks trickling downstream

Meandering eternally in unison with the ebb and flow of life’s pendulum

In gratitude, I marvel at this place bending slowly into her shallows

Joyously brushing her cool water off my face feeling forever refreshed


Image @ Torc Waterfall – Killarney National Park, Kerry, Ireland



“Love is a dove“ by Paul Byrne

Love is a dove

Soaring through the skies

Of a life everlasting

No cloud too high

Like a treasure trove

Of jewels being discovered

Heart bursting with joy

Mind overflowing with emotions

Feelings of perpetual want

Wanting proximity forever always

Knowing they are there

Whether here or passed

To the next place

Life’s journey is unique

So celebrate that love

Warmly consistently patiently openly

Passionately throughout your life

Love is a dove – by Paul Byrne

Hand 2 Hand, Covid Free by Paul Byrne

Your hand in mine

As I feel the warmth

Of your touch

As we truly meet eyes

Eyes that tell the story

Eyes to the soul

Eyes to the mind

Sole people

Real people

People wishing to

Engage with each other

For ordinary everyday things

Everyday I miss you

Friendship family forever

Together no more

That feeling of electricity

As your hand

Tightens in mine

The shake and intensity

Of vibration and uniqueness

Of communication

Communication now compressed

Through the eye of the lens

But who am I to judge

Judgemental am I not

But can the soul less video

Ever replace what we

Lost so fast and the

Handshake everlasting but

Now a distant memory

As we stare bleary eyed

At the computer screen

Eyes popping hands weary

From tapping the keyboard

Sure video works alright

But I long for the touch of your skin

The arms around your back

The warmest of

Hugs and the ability

To read your inner thoughts

Thoughts no more as

I stare at your beady

Screen eyes

Eyes that now mask

Your hidden soul

And so as we reside

In this global revolution

Of new age communication

Yet needing hand to hand

And yearning for the day

that COVID is no more!

Fence post turtle by Paul Byrne


As I lie here restlessly 

Questioning the meaning of life

Business business and an unhappy wife

Clueless as to how I got here

Drifting along the corporate rails

Rails that brought me upwards

Ever forwards on that corporate ladder

Birthdays missed bonuses earned 

Yet all I yearn for is a loving smile

From those that matter but know me hardly 

At all as I reside at my outpost

Now burnt out and ready to be cast aside

For a younger buck who’ll bring in more bucks

Now move aside they say sure it’s promotion

But I know well my cards are marked

Stress oozes now through every pore of my weary body

Had I seen the future and seized the present moment

Momentarily now looking to the future

Dreaming the cloudy haze will dissipate from my foggy brain

So I can stay sane and relax now 

Looking up at the clouds gently teasing each other

Like puffs of smoke across the clear blue sky

No more water cooler conversations

Nothing but sound sensations

Feelings racing through my body

As my senses are awakened in unison

I relax now staring down the pole

Fearless once again like a young boy

Foreinhindsight vision now

Embracing the future present and past

Transcending down my post

A turtle no more!


The Eye of the Gate by Paul Byrne

The Gate at St. Mary’s Abbey, Howth, County Dublin

Here I reside rustily yet spiritually

Looking down on the graves

And peaceful spirits of times past

Yet the memories still live on

Inside me those feelings matter

Deep as the mists of time

As I passionately care for the deceased

And their mournful living families

Who visit patiently with reflection

At each plot which is within my eye

As I also look outwards to Ireland’s eye

And beyond those graceful waters

I also eye up the ancient St Mary’s Abbey

Dreaming of King Sitric and the Vikings

Next time you stop by glance at me

For I also rest here peacefully

Social isolation – a solitary seat’s story by Paul Byrne

North Bull Wall, Dollymount, Dublin, Ireland – image by paul byrne

Here I rest for weeks on end

Waiting for you to arrive

Upon my aged timbers

Creaking under the strain

Of your Covid infected body

Oh your stories to be told

Me listening carefully in silence

Preferring instead to respect

Your privacy and intimate dreams

Your thoughts combined with mine

As we journey on through time

Time now seemingly endless

As I dream of your warm body

Heating my timbers through

True stories, false stories, fake news

My pains are nought compared to yours

Your fears are mine as I respect yours

Our parting is filled with solace

As I dream of your return one day soon

Covid free, free for ever more


Inspirational Musings Paul Byrne Poetry Book Publication 4 March 2020

Family, friends and guests gathered at Griffith College for the Inspirational Musings book launch. Poetry recitals, music and dance flowed in an action packed evening of art, creativity and fun.

All book sale proceeds at the launch were donated to the Dublin’s Simon Community, an amazing charity which helps the homeless. Homelessness is the inspiration for Paul’s signature poem “Homeless Yet Hopeful” which was his first recital.

Inspirational Musings will be released soon on Amazon Kindle Book Publishing.

Speaking at the launch Paul explained that he is strongly inspired by nature, poverty and climate change. He has a deep social conscience and wants to use the power of poetry to stimulate consciousness and global action on these vital issues.

“Life’s most burning climatic question is are we resting in peace with Mother Earth?” – by Paul Byrne


Photo by Jerry Kennelly

“Life’s most burning climatic question is are we resting in peace with Mother Earth?”

Why do we destroy those beautiful North Pole glaciers, basking in splendid isolation?

Why do we allow that purest of ice to lose its glistening white sensation?

Why do we now have glaciers blackened with grime, oh such humiliation?

Why do we not act as one, fuelled with apprehension?

Who rests majestically on the beautiful equator, made whole by creation?

Who degrades those pyramids that inspired tales of such fascination?

Who will survive that raging heat fuelled for destruction?

Who can inspire a global wave of outrage to save the next generation?

What can we do to save the South Pole from destruction?

What actions will follow to control our populations expansion?

What if 7.7billion is our great global nation, but are we grounded in compassion?

What will alleviate global poverty, yet why no groundswell of relentless action?

When is humanity to rise up in consternation?

When will we dramatically reduce carbonisation?

When we are globally shocked, will we still be rooted in procrastination?

When we are rocked by seismic climatic shifts, will we have baseless deliberation?

Where will rest the internet, post erosion, fibre of our being now future communication?

Where will settle the new communities, WiFi free and grounded in education?

Where will the trade wars now take place, given our fall from grace, enough of the collusion?

Where will currencies reside amongst the tidal wave of global barter and collaboration?

“Life’s most burning climatic question is are we resting in peace with Mother Earth?”

Paul Byrne